About I Close Your Deals - I Close Your Deals

About I Close Your Deals

Welcome to I Close Your Deals!

Our mission is to help 25 service businesses close $10,000,000 in revenue this year.

We believe that a rock solid sales process backed by a perfectly executed customer experience will make that happen for your business.

Our clients have closed business with big and small companies like: 

Who Is I Close Your Deals?

A community of sales pros that help our clients earn more business from their existing leads.

We do this by increasing your closing rate, improving the terms and by having years of sales experience.  Just as there is a difference between service providers, there is also a difference between sales pros.

We are the “secret weapon” which levels the playing field in order for small businesses to get the big, profitable jobs that they will be the best in the world at.

We aren’t like sales coaches or consultants tell you what to do and wish you luck.

We do it with you and for you.


Who We Help?

We help successful people companies and freelancers more so.  We stabilize cashflow issues.

Freelancers: Design,  creative and service professionals who want to spend their time designing and creating.  (Revenue goal up to $150k)

Specialists: Experts, speakers, and consultants who need their calendars filled and don’t want to deal with the time-consuming nature of high-level sales.  (Revenue goal $250k and up).

Teams: We help small teams grow by closing bigger deals and taking them to the next level. (Revenue goal $500k+)