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This year’s mission is to close $10,000,000 for 25 independent service businesses.

When you join our team you’re joining a group of hard-working, fearless salespeople who will be on the front lines of supporting their clients.

We know what integrity is, and we know exactly how to get business closed.

Benefits include:

  • Generous compensation
  • Generous vacation
  • Support and influence (be one of the first hires at a rapidly growing remote startup)
  • Great clients.
  • Great Mission

Currently Open Positions:


Closer Job Description

Our closers are on the front lines, serving independent businesses and helping them stay grow in the face of fierce and growing competition.

Our perfect candidate will lead and serve our clients, close jobs and keep everything running smoothly, sanely and safely.

“Sales isn’t something you do to someone it’s something you do for and with someone.

-Anthony Ianarinno

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You’ll have an established sales philosophy, and be able to express it to us.

BA/BS Degree OR 4 years sales experience PLUS

2 years professional sales success (not just experience.)

You’ve read 5 sales books + 5 NON-sales books in the last 2 years.

You’ve earned 100,000 in income for yourself 2+ years. (150,000 preferred).

You’ve got happy clients, good relationships with your bosses and peers.


You will run 2-4 sales calls every day for a variety of our clients, run the follow up that this is required and write proposals. You’ll have a full calendar each day with a mix of new opportunities as well as existing ones.

You’ll ensure that the calls are compliant, recorded and our Rapid Response forms are done because our clients should never have to chase information.

You’ll be assigned 3-5 clients from the beginning, and you’ll ensure that you close them.

You’ll complete the post call follow-ups with every client within a few moments of the sales call, and share with our clients the follow-ups needed.

You’ll find new ways to help our clients and partners close more leads.

We want to close the highest percentage of good customers possible.


First, you’l have at least 4 weeks vacation each year from the beginning, plus all of the holidays, your birthday and another day designed for you to take your SO out. Vacation isn’t optional. We won’t build a stressed out workaholic culture. So if you can’t relax, never apply.

Then you’ll be compensated well. Either via W2 or 1099, depending on (a) your preferences and (b) your state. (We aren’t currently employing people in every state). (Hard Truth) We don’t want people here who don’t earn $150k+ per year, so you’ll be supported to perform at that level within 6 months or we will have you transition out of our company.

You’ll get the benefits of working in a remote environment including frequent trips to our offsite meetings.

You’ll have the ability to build your personal brand through content marketing and the use of our platform and list.

You’ll be trained in the “ICYD” way from the beginning, and have exposure to a wide variety of businesses.

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