How To Start Something

Just Start, Already

Whatever you do or dream you can do — begin it.
Boldness has genius and power and magic in it”.

– Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. (Though more likely W.H Murray)

I have been waiting for the perfect moment to start this blog. This blog about sales. This blog, specifically, about how you can close more sales. There are a lot of posts I’m going to write. A lot of posts mostly written. But the first one? The manifesto? I’ve written, I’ve rewritten, and I’ve tried for weeks to make something just right.

I’ve had the delusion of being on the front page of Reddit for some time. Unearned plaudits.

And this site has just sat there, not doing much. Being almost ready.

Oh, the business exists. It’s doing fine. I’m closing deals for a couple of great new clients. We’re (royal we) working on our process, and we’re dialing it in. I’ve got the spark of something that can truly scale, that can truly bring in revenue. But the blog is waiting for the maestro to get inspired.

But At My Back, I Always Hear
Time’s Wingéd Chariot Hurrying Near
-Andrew Marvell

While waiting, nothing’s happened. I’ve had an almost business.. Most of a blog. I was waiting for a decent headshot. I was waiting for the first major blog post.

And this is a site, a blog about why not to wait..

Look at Mozart. Here’s a picture:

He’s one of the greatest composers ever. Obviously.

Mozart composed well over 600 pieces that have survived. His wife destroyed hundreds of “almost done” pieces. We consider him “one of the greats,” yet we only regularly play 25 or so today. He’s a once-in-a-generation talent. And yet, we only really remember less than 5% of his work. Even though he was a piano prodigy, playing at Court from a very early age, prolific for his whole (short) life.

Delusions of grandeur keep us from starting. The stupid stories we tell ourselves.

We think that we’re Mozart.

Do I flatter myself that this post here will be remembered by posterity? No. What an idiotic, egotistical starting point. And yet that thought, that need to matter keeps me from beginning something.

Bringing it Back To Sales

I promised a blog about sales, and a blog about sales you shall have.

So many salespeople wait.

They wait for their prospect to get back to them.

They wait for their business cards to get printed. For headshots to get done. They wait for a manager to bump their commissions, or they wait till the next quarter to close the big deal.

Sure, when that stuff will be done things will be easier. We’ll have a 1-2% gain any time this happens.

Waiting. Winners are patient. But winners don’t wait.

So I’m starting this blog today. About sales.

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