Next-Level Resources

You want to level up? We want to help.  We've put together a list of resources for your agency.

 Closing Thoughts:
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Podcasts We Recommend:

Yes, we recommend many different podcasts for you to listen to.

These will all help your agency for different reasons and we've listened to them for years.

Advanced Selling Podcast

The Advanced Selling Podcast

If you want to know how sales should be done, look no further than this podcast.  This is for "whale hunters."  

Salespeople that are ready to get to the next level. I learn from every single episode I listen to, and I'm sure you will too.


The Solopreneur Hour

Michael O'neal's flagship work: the Solopreneur hour is a remarkably awesome podcast.  A special mention goes to the episodes where he offers "Free Coaching Fridays," as that is real world advice and help that can apply to your business.

He's a pro in all he does, and it's worth your time.


The Fizzle Show

Church for entrepreneurs.  Someone who "gets" you.  This is a must-listen to podcast that will help you see the way.

It covers every topic in business - from mindset to execution.  And it's got three awesome people that have been there, done that, and earned their scars and stripes.


The Art Of Paid Traffic

Even when you're in sales, you have to understand the techniques that are possible on paid channels. This Podcast brings everything you need to do just that.

You'll learn from stories, case studies and inference - a hugely effective method.

Email Service Providers & Customer Communication

You have email for professional conversations.  These tools help you scale, and all of them have their pros and cons, but they'll all work.



If you're running a blog, and want power and simplicity, you want ConvertKit. This software is designed for teams that sell information products, courses, and other digital products.

They also have an exceptional blog and conference.

Recommended for Solopreneurs and bloggers that sell digital products, coaching or similar services.



The standard. The old school email provider that "just works." 

Aweber is the best to use to get started fast and to maintain a large mailing list.

They have great tutorials and support, and they're fairly simple to use.

This is recommended for folks that want a little bit more power.


MailChimp is amazing.  It's the "easiest" one to use, and it's quickly beefing up with advanced features so that it can grow with you.

I used it in my agency for a number of years.

Recommended for:  People who just want to get started with something that works perfectly & stays simple.



Raw power in an email platform. That's what ActiveCampaign offers, and it's all accessible. You can track subscribers through a lifecycle, and automate so much of your business via ActiveCampaign.

Recommended for: detail oriented folks that want to get the most out of their email list.

CRM Providers

We've used - and tested - literally 100s of CRMs.  Each of these has a different "flavor" depending on what you're looking for, and we recommend all of them.

Our paragraphs will tell you why they might be the fit for your business.



Most of our clients should be using this CRM.

It's got the combination of speed and power that makes using it delightful, simple, easy, and hassle free.



This is the most powerful, most flexible CRM that I'm currently recommending.

It will work as an easy to use daily driver as well as for more advanced funnel building functions.

insightly logo


This has the best integration with Google's apps I've ever seen, and it's got plenty of power to create advanced systems.

It integrates with everything via Zapier, and it's a delight to use.  Recommended for people that are heavy Gmail users.



Close.IO is the Ferrari of CRMs.  It's sleek, ridiculously fast and works for people that live the laptop life.

It's fast, it just works, and it does everything a salesperson needs to do.  This is best for folks that are selling higher ticket products.