How You Can Have A Great Year By Not Planning All Of It

New Year’s is coming. It’s the time when all of us look to improve what we’re doing. We make these big plans.

We look to lasso the moon.

Except that…when it came time to execute, a year is a long time.

And it slips away.  We give up on our goals.

What Should We Do Instead Of Planning A Whole Year

We use the 12 Week Year here. This is how we get a cycle where every week is a month.  Every day is a week.  We have to deliver more in those time frames – without the insane overwork that usually comes with that territory.

It’s a simple system laid out in this book.

And what it means is that we have less time to do more than we would otherwise.

And after the cycle completes, we take a week off and do it again.

A Year Means Self-Delusion

A year is hard to fathom.

We don’t grasp intuitively the amount of time that a year is. So we don’t use the time wisely.  We might start too fast. Then burn out.  So we start by going too fast and then we burn out. Or too slow, and we never really “catch up” when we want.

A year is just hard.

Winter is here, and the mornings are chilly. We feel like this will happen forever. Then it will be spring. That’s when we’ll really get after our goals. Spring goes, and summer comes. The summer is when people are on vacation, so no sense swimming upstream. Then we’re back into the fall and winter.

We’ve hidden all year.

But, we can’t hide from a quarter. It’s relentless. A day of missed work adds up. And it keeps us at the right “tempo.” No perpetual hustle, just realistic extra plans.

What To Do Instead

We work 12 Weeks at a time and take a week to plan and prepare. A “planning” week will look different than a “doing” week. There are still some “doing” tasks in a planning week, and vice versa, but we work hard to have a mostly-themed week.

We keep six months of plans “in the hopper.”  Just in case. A repeating 12-week plan.

So if something happens, and we can’t revamp, we have an in-place plan to move to the next phase of our business.

Each week we record our results, and we know what results we need to get. We know the results that we want to get (about 25 paying and performing clients this year) and how close we are to doing that.

I’m not saying we don’t have annual goals, but we focus on each quarter – each WEEK so that we don’t drift too far from where we’re going, and we don’t delude ourselves about how much time is passing.

I’m looking forward to a great 2018, and thanks for being part of our journey so far.

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