How To Handle The Spouse Objection

You’ve heard it before – especially in B2C or when selling to owners.

“Sounds great,”  they say. “But first, I have to check with my spouse.” They say after a long, tough sales talk.

You can feel it. “That’s checkmate!”  You can’t  win this objection.  You’re in the corner.

When they play that card, they are playing rough. Because you’re just some sales person. And it would be insane to presume that you have a higher call than their wife/husband.

So they have you boxed in.

What do you do?

Realize The Spouse Objection is Usually A White Lie.

The spouse objection is a catch-all. It’s a lie. And it’s your fault that it came up. They are letting you down easy.

You didn’t build demand. You didn’t build desire. You didn’t build lusty value during your presentation. You didn’t make the logical, obvious case.

You left things to chance. Your prospect doesn’t want to offend you. S/he wasn’t convinced. So sh/e played the trump card.

I gotta talk to my wife. Again, they are simply letting you down easy.

Because YOU didn’t get them excited enough to risk a relationship issue with their spouse.

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The Truth Behind The Spouse Objection

Entrepreneurs have failed. Every good one has done some things that are screwy. And the person that had the front row seat is their spouse. My wife has seen me do more dumb stuff that hasn’t worked that has worked.

Because most of entrepreneurship is failure. Most of the time, good entrepreneurs, salespeople, and executives fail at most decisions. It’s the feedback loop and the ability to pivot that makes us go on.

But those failures build debris in relationships.  My wife knows that I’m excited, but she never knows what it means, and so on a good day, I get a “that’s nice, dear.”

And explaining to my wife that I want to spend money, is sometimes like a gambler explaining roulette:

“I ain’t crazy. I got a SYSTEM. Look. I’m betting on red 8 times in a row. I’ll double my bet every time and we’ll all be RICH!”

The fact is that their reputation at HOME is at stake. And you haven’t made this a no-brainer for them. You’ve not made the case.

What To Do To Overcome The Spouse Objection

Isolate The Spouse Objection:

Usually…when this comes up it’s one of several objections. Again, they are letting you down easy.

So, isolate this one.

“OK, are you saying that you’re 100% going to come, but just need to confirm with your spouse, or are you not quite convinced and want to see what s/he thinks?”

“Well, I’m not really sure,”  they’ll say. “I was concerned about the cost.”

Now we’re talking. Now we can work with the true objection.

If they ARE into it and JUST need to get their partner on board, then the answer is that you arm your prospect to help.

Enroll their Partner’s Support

First, you have to understand the truth. People don’t like looking stupid in front of their spouses. And, to some degree, they are risking their reputation with their partner for the sake of working with you.

So you have to honor that. And you have to acknowledge that.

Here’s a script for you:

“Man, I’m with you. I get that you’d hate to pitch your wife on something that doesn’t work out. What can we do to make her feel comfortable and be on your side?”

Then they’ll answer you. Then you can invite the wife to join the call, or see what can happen.

Here – a few things are important when dealing with the spouse objection.

  1. You have to be sincere: if you don’t care, don’t go down this road.
  2. You have to be thorough: you have to make the financial case and take all the risk away from your client. “Here’s how we will get a return.”
  3. You want to maybe get them both onto this thing at the same time, when possible.  You’ll pitch the spouse better.

The spouse objection is generally a huge indicator that the excitement and enthusiasm isn’t there. It usually means that you haven’t done enough work building desire. It means that you have failed to create a case, find the real pain that your product solves.

So the next time, pitch hard, build desire, and lock them down.

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